Monday, August 10, 2009

An Argument AGAINST Goverment Health Insurance

How to Reform American Health Care

As the Obama administration attempts an almost fascist takeover of your life by orchestrating universal health care, which will morph in to a single payer system, and then enable the Government to control just about anything you do or ingest in the name of “saving money”. I have put some thought in to this and created a simple outline on how as a country we could dramatically reduce health insurance cost.

FIRST – We require massive tort reform. Medical malpractice lawsuits that are like lottery tickets for the plaintiffs cause significant inflation of medical cost. Requiring doctors to buy malpractice insurance that can cost $12000 a month! It’s time to stop the silver tongued lawyers (a’ la John Edwards) who become fabulously wealthy by suing doctors. Medical malpractice issues should not be decided by a jury of 12 class envy layman swayed by an eloquent lawyer’s speech. They need to be decided by a panel of 12 doctors. Doctors that can objectively and knowledgably determine if there was flagrant negligence during a procedure. The awards then need to be capped at a reasonable amount.

This would:

A) Lower the cost of insurance

B) Remove the “get rich quick” aspect of frivolous lawsuits.

C) Bring more and keep more people in to the medical profession, creating competition, thus lowering prices

SECOND – Allow insurance to be sold across State lines. Allow any company that sells insurance to sell it in any State. For example right now in Vermont there are only 3 choices of health insurance companies because Vermont doesn’t allow its citizens the freedom to buy insurance out-of-state.

THIRD- Allow for variable plans. Right now we all pay the same rate regardless if you’re an overweight, 3 pack a day smoker, that drinks 8 Budweiser’s every night and likes to snort coke on the weekends, and I’m a granola eating, mountain biking health nut. This is ludicrous! I mean if you’ve got 4 DUI, 2 speeding tickets and 3 accidents on your record, you pay a MUCH higher car insurance rate then I, with a clean driving record does. Healthy choice people pay less, simple as that. You want to pay less? Drop the Big Mac.

FORTH – Require a clear menu and statement of cost for all procedures at a medical facility so that patients can easily price compared. Right now it’s like a secret when you go get something done at a doctor’s office. Procedures need to be uniformly labeled and prices easily accessed. This will create massive competition, driving down prices.

FINALLY – Allow the young to buy only catastrophic policies if they so choose with $10,000 deductibles.

All Americans should be mad as hell and scared as hell that the Government wants to take over health care in this country. Don’t give up your freedom of choice in the name of financial expediency, and don’t let the Government convince you they are the solution, they never are.