Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dogs in Stores

So I was walking out of my local Rite-Aid this afternoon and a women was walking in, trailing behind her, her Cocker Spaniel. This women wasn't blind, and another women was talking to her so I assume she wasn't deaf, she was walking with no problem, so she didn't seem differently able'd in anyway, so that must leave one thing, she's an idiot that equates dogs with children.

Oh I'm sure you've seen them too, these clueless people that think it's ok to bring their dogs with them everywhere, like they were just little hairy kids. Any store seems open game for these people Home Depot, Best Buy, and now apparently pharmacies!

I need to know really, what could possibly make you think that brining your dog in to a private store unless they are an assistance animal is an appropriate thing to do.

You know what, here's a thought for you, I don't like your dog, as much as you do, and much like second hand smoke I don't want to be exposed to it in a indoor area.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Digital New Age Entertainment Launched

I'm very happy and proud to announce the official launch of Digital New Age, Entertainment (DNA).

This is a new production company that I am associated with out of the Atlanta area.

More info over on our official blog at:


UPDATE 08/27/08: The website is now up also!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Burlington Vermont Waterfront Casino

If you have ever been to Burlington VT, you know we have two tourist attractions. The Church Street Marketplace and The Waterfront.

While the Marketplace is about as interesting as you are going to get it, the waterfront is to put it bluntly a completely boring experience.

We also have another issue here in the state besides the lack of entertainment, and that is significant budget shortfalls.

So in early 2008 I made the following proposal to our Governor I have yet to hear back:

(Original Letter Edited For Clarity)

As a native born Vermonter of 38 years, that has been active in our community I have a very keen insight into the desires of Vermonters as well as other citizens of our region, such as people from New York and Quebec. As such I feel I may have a unique solution to our problem.

Whether the State likes to admit it or not, we are in the gambling business plain and simple. We like to whitewash it with platitudes as to where the money goes, and our “play responsibly” motto’s but when it comes down to it, the state still promotes gambling. My idea, we have the state expand its gambling operations and build a Riverboat Casino on the waterfront in Burlington.

Now before you crumple this letter up. Let me point out some items:

Currently there are more the 5 casinos within 3 hours drive of most Vermonters. Why have those Vermont gambler dollars go out-of-state?

  • True Vermonters and not simply organizations like the C.L.F. or other out-of state entities, actually want these type of diverse entertainment options in our state.
  • If the Abinaki's get Federal Tribe recognition, they are going to build an casino in Swanton no doubt about it. It would be better for the State to be first with such an endeavor
  • Modeling law changes to cover “off shore gambling” are much less complex then if the casino was to be built on land.
  • A State run casino will prevent undesirable side issues of certain types of crime from becoming a problem.

I would recommend some certain items should a Riverboat Casino be built on the waterfront:

  • No on-site parking, shuttle buses or pedestrian traffic only. Place the parking garage near Church St, so there’s a massive influx of shoppers there.
  • Casino closes at 2:00 AM just like the bars.
  • Use Burlington police officers as security and profits from the casino to cover the expansion of the department.
A final note, the 2 closest casinos to Vermont, The Montreal Casino and The Akwesasne made more the $100 million each in their first year of operation and continue to make similar profits now.. What kind of things could we do to reduce property taxes here in Vermont with that kind of money, and how nice will it be when nearly 55% of those dollars are from out-of-staters? Kindest Regards
Charles Root

So if you are a Vermonter or vacation here and like the idea of a little casino action once and while, speak up and forward this idea to your legislators! Let's make this a reality!