Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Warming Supporters in CYA Mode

This is a repost from a facebook discussion that I felt was worthy of further propagation:

I think you will see the Global Warming defenders in the coming months get even more fanatic and desperate as reality clashes with their fantasy data and theory. Reason? Very simple, human vanity. Imagine, take any topic, that for whatever reason you believe in with all your soul, and then you pour years of your money, time, and thoughts in to. Hell even completely change your lifestyle for, and then it's proven false. The embarrassment of your adherence to fallacy would be exceptional, would it not? The veracity of Global Warming Hoax Adherents, is now completely tied to personal vanity and efforts to save personal credibility. Honestly will we ever be able to take anything any supporter of Global Warming says seriously ever again? Unfortunately by blind faith in a false theory they have branded themselves unwittingly as liars. It will be a long road for them to recover any level of trust.