Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Might It Be Time To Blog Again?

2013 Might It Be Time To Blog Again?

With the advent of Facebook and the accumulation of "friends" that equal a built in captive audience to read your pithy opinions on everything from food to politics it's tough not to run there with every little thing you want to say.

What I found though is that the downfall of Facebook is that such opinions and indeed occasional literary brilliance is at best fleeting. A post goes up, and unless it goes viral with tons of shares it evaporates in the tsunami of post that follow it, and no one later gets to ruminate on your attempt to educate or entertain them unless they happen to be specifically cruising your Facebook account.

It just might be time to start blogging again. At worst you can link any "deep thought" responses to others inane ramblings back to the blog and drive traffic here.

Hmmm we'll see!