Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Voyages News

So lot's of changes over at New Voyages huh kiddies?

Well I can tell you this, it's all for the better, in any expanding organization you're going to have growing pains. There's going to be differences of opinion and new, but unrelated, opportunities that present themselves through all the contacts you're expanding business makes.

In a situation such a New Voyages and Retro Film Studios the production company where it is filmed, explosive growth sometimes goes unmanged because there's so little time/money to do all the management necessary. Fortunately during post-production of To Serve All My Days we've had the chance to get all our ducks in a row, alot of what you're seeing regarding the changes at New Voyages is exactly that.

In other news I've seen the first vignette "Center Seat" what can I say other then WOW! Ron Boyd and John Lim have awesome chemistry on screen. Ralph Millers sound effects give it incredible ambience and the Max Rem special effects OH MAN! there's this one shot of the Enterprise... but I can't give away any more then that.

So look for an all new New Voyages starting in 2006. You're going to be blown away with what's coming.

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