Thursday, January 25, 2007

Man We Rock

You know I thank the Lord that I live in the United States. Sure we have our problems but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Take this in to consideration:

1) We have the largest GDP in the world, even on a rainy Monday our GDP of $12.8 trillion is 25% larger then our nearest competitor China at $9.4 trillion.

2) Our military is simply the finest on the planet. The size of our military budget is larger then the amounts for the next 14 highest countries combined

3) Our ability to produce food is amazing we are the worlds top producer of corn, soy beans, rice and wheat

4) We're the only country in the world to put humans on another celestial body.

5) Our educational system is second to none, more noble prize winners are from the United States then any other country our Education Index is 99.9 making us #1 in the world.

6) We created the Internet.

7) We have more billionaires then rest of the world combined.

Yes the list can go on and on, but man what a place to live!


Bridget said...

Marvellous place if you're obsessed with money, perhaps. Personally I'll stick with England, land of free health care for all, decent tea and a modicum of freedom that doesn't have to be bought. But each to their own, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

And I'll stick with Scotland where we have all of the above, and can even speak with authentic, intelligible accents.