Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Resume Above Ground Nuclear Testing

Today I was reading an article on using Yucca Flats in Nevada as a test site for development of moon bases, and technologies.

A little history about Yucca Flats, it is where the Nevada Test Site for testing nuclear bombs from 1951 to 1992 is. It also the location of the largest man made crater in the world called Sedan Crater.

Anyway this got me to thinking about the nuclear test ban treaty, rouge states, and our aging supply of nuclear weapons and how we could kill two birds with one stone.

Resume nuclear testing specifically above ground nuclear testing, but only for 1 bomb. Have congress authorize the test, have the press fully present for it.

What would this accomplish?

1) We would get desperately needed test data on our old bombs.

2) We'd not so subtly remind countries like Iran and North Korea, that we have perfected nuclear technology and what a mushroom cloud looks like, should they continue on with their stupid antics.

Just my two cents!


J. Mitchell Bowles said...
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Charles E. Root Jr. said...

It's true, people want to live in a "I'm going to pretend everything is alright" world until suddenly there's an attack on the them