Thursday, September 20, 2007 completely clueless.

So there's a growing chorus of liberals in the United States led by psychos like that say the "War in Iraq is unwinnable"

First off this is simply insulting of the most powerful military on the planet and second it's just plain wrong.

There is a HUGE and I mean HUGE difference from the ability to win a war and the desire to win a war.

The liberal left has sufficiently brainwashed the United States populace(through the use of video media) that wars can be fought completely septically, with smart bombs and pin point strikes, only the "bad guys" will die and/or should only be the ones that die. Kill enough bad guys and only the good peace loving populace will be left in their intact city to go about their peaceful way.

Nothing could be further from the truth! When you fight this type of war what you get is an enemy populace that becomes more and more bitter especially if one of smart bombs goes dumb and drops on some guys house killing his family. Then phase 2 happens the liberal media gets right in there with there cameras showing the dead babies and saying "look look how terrible this war is, the US is a horrible nation"

In addition you get a non-combatant populace that has no problem helping enemy soldiers or "temporarily" joining their ranks for a weekend killing spree. What do they have to worry about. If they get caught, What? maybe they go to jail?

Let's look at a little history shall we:

Fire Bombing of Dresden in WWII

Dead bodies stack up in Dresden Germany

Cologne Germany Gets Leveled!

About 60 years ago when we really wanted to win a war and our soldiers weren't handcuffed by our politicians nor scrutinized by the media, we'd go from one city destroy everything and kill anyone that even looked at us wrong. Then we'd go to the next city and if there was any resistance there we'd kill everyone Men, women, children and level their businesses, factories, and homes.

This resulted in a demoralized populace, that would not resist our rule or fight a guerrilla war, cause they knew if they did, then in a few hours the bombers would be over head and Ma and Pa and baby Susie would be blown to bits. We could now control the non-combatants and they didn't help or hide enemy soldiers, that kind of action would end up with you against a stone wall and a bullet in your head, too much of it and once again in come the B17's for a little "population indoctrination" to our way of thinking.

A destroyed infrastructure, a shell shocked spirit crushed populace, a terrified nation, THAT'S how you win a war.

You don't win a war by sending in two F16's to blow up a radio antenna at 3:00AM when no one is there and then have your soldiers play cops and robbers for years afterwards.

Our distaste for seeing the horrors of war have made us ironically draw out and make war easier to start. Hey if we can "win a war" with some smart bombs and none of our guys die and for damn sure we better not see any dead babies on TV, then what the hell let's open the cage for the dogs of war to once again piss on humanity.

People are completely and utterly of the wrong mindset when it comes to using our military now. It should be the most horrifying prospect to think that the US military is coming to you nation, cause soon you'll all be dead, so guess what you better round up your troublemakers before we get there.

I'm very afraid that our inability to wage unrestricted war now in the middle east is simply going to allow the situation to simmer instead of coming to a rapid decisive conclusion, and unfortunately that simmering pot may one day explode in to this:



J. Mitchell Bowles said...

It is unfortunate that this is how things must be done but, has to be done to maintain peace. War is hell as it has been said. It is true. But had we not done the things we had done in the past, this would undoubtedly been the United States of Germany or the United States of Japan or something of the likes. Somehow the liberals think there are certain rules that we must play by, however when we are the only ones held to a standard it puts a major stranglehold on our military and this countries security. It has always been in my opinion that when you goto war, you must go and go in strong. You must take over everything. Sometimes kill everyone in order for total compliance and submission to take place. Only then and after that can the healing begin. It is my belief that the United States only wants freedom of choice for all entities foreign and domestic. We are not a perfect country but we are a great one. There is much the world can and should learn from us, just as we can and should learn from them. The liberals seem to have forgotten that it is not cowardice that gives them the chance to voice their opinions. It is the scores of families of men and women that could not be held back from joining the U.S. Military Forces to fight to end tyranny that lets them voice thier what I believe to be mis-guided opinions!

Charles E. Root Jr. said...

Mr Mitchell

No truer words can be said then in your post. War does not have rules no matter how much the "educated elite" would like us to think there are.


Anonymous said...

You are a monster!- Nevermind a bad writer.
wtf would attract such a Neanderthal as you to Star Trek???
Let me suggest, that as much as you will protest - you really don't get "The Vision" -

Charles E. Root Jr. said...


Ahhh yea, I've never said I bow at the alter of Roddenberry doctrine. I happen to like Star Trek for reasons that might not be the same as yours.

I would suggest that you if you desire the Utopian ideals that Gene eloquently extorted in his television show, that it will take effort as well as a strong hand.

Pacifism is great as long as you don't face an enemy that wishes nothing more then your way of life and liberties to be eradicated from the face of the earth. We face that today as a country, my post indicated a solution.

As for your dislike of my writing ability, one of the beautiful things about being in a free country is that I can write however I choose I more importantly you're not force to read it.

Thank you for input.

Charles Root

Gary Wruck said...

Mr. Root

It has always been sad that the liberals and types do not understand what will happen without the brave, honest young people who fight for their freedoms just quit.
We do not force anyone to believe what we believe, just to leave us alone. We did not do anything until they crashed our airplanes into our buildings, killing thousands of people. Our military does not grab people off the street and behead them if they to do what we want.

As to the reference to Star Trek, the anonymous writer left, he never watch much Star Trek, or read much about the Prime Directive, because Captain Kirk and the Enterprise sure did not.

Thanks for you stand and please keep it up.

Gary Wruck