Monday, April 28, 2008

Phase 2 (New Voyages) Filming 4/26

Haven't posted about Phase2 (formally known as New Voyages) in a while, and what better time to post then after a pickup shoot!

We needed to reshoot some of my scenes this weekend in order to begin the final edits on Blood and Fire, which is looking like a June or July release time. It also looks like the DAVE school will be doing some additional animation for us. They were the effects studio that did the incredible work in World Enough and Time.

My wife Amanda got in the action during the reshoots, and played a crew member helping out in sickbay!



DebbieM said...

Amanda looks awesome! And as always, Charles is great!!

Nakira said...

I love the new hair style Amanda has. Charlie you look as handsome as ever. I really miss you guys. Have fun. Linda