Monday, April 21, 2008

The West Addison Asses

When I get in the car and drive over to the Retro Film Studios, where New Voyages, er excuse me Phase II as we now call ourselves, is filmed, the drive takes about 2 hours.

During that 2 hours there are personal mile markers that help me pass the time and confirm mentally that, yes this long boring ride is actually progressing.

1 of those mental mile markers is "Ollie" the camel, his pen is right on RT7 and he's usually out in the summer, looking at traffic, with a "Don't care about you attitude" Ollie was in the barn when I drove by this past week, so no pic of him

But another marker is what me and the wife call "The Asses", apparently there is a farm in West Addison that breeds them (they also, no kidding, teach sky diving there, presumably only to humans though)

Most of the time the asses are just huddled up next to the barn, but sometimes, when it's not raining or two hot (these asses are somewhat picky about their weather) they will come out in to the field.

It's so funny to see all these little fat asses standing around. In the Spring after the females get knocked up and push out a new ass, the little ones can be seen bounding and kicking all over the place.

Ahhh Vermont, and the things that keep me sane on my trips to New York


Anonymous said...

You must feel right at home with the asses, don't you? =)

Charles E. Root Jr. said...

No, but the pen for writers of anonymous comments was just outside of that picture next to them, is that where you're posting from?