Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dogs in Stores

So I was walking out of my local Rite-Aid this afternoon and a women was walking in, trailing behind her, her Cocker Spaniel. This women wasn't blind, and another women was talking to her so I assume she wasn't deaf, she was walking with no problem, so she didn't seem differently able'd in anyway, so that must leave one thing, she's an idiot that equates dogs with children.

Oh I'm sure you've seen them too, these clueless people that think it's ok to bring their dogs with them everywhere, like they were just little hairy kids. Any store seems open game for these people Home Depot, Best Buy, and now apparently pharmacies!

I need to know really, what could possibly make you think that brining your dog in to a private store unless they are an assistance animal is an appropriate thing to do.

You know what, here's a thought for you, I don't like your dog, as much as you do, and much like second hand smoke I don't want to be exposed to it in a indoor area.


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